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Choctaw, OK Funeral Home And CremationsWe're honored to be of service to you in your time of need, and we promise to do everything we can to make your experience meaningful and unforgettable. Asa Smith Funeral Service is a family-owned funeral home since 1936 and we take great pride in serving families in Choctaw, OK and the surrounding areas with dignity, respect, and compassion.


All members of our community, their families, and friends who are struggling with loss and grief can count on our staff for support, sympathy, information, and direction. Our funeral home offers a warm, comfortable, family-oriented environment with traditional architecture and tasteful interior decor. Call us today at (405) 454-2201 for all your funeral, cremation, and life celebration needs.




Coordinating funeral home and cremation care in Choctaw, OK, for someone you love involves a lot of important decisions. So often, families are faced with this challenging task, trying to honor the person’s life in the best way possible.


How do you want to remember your loved one? When you work with our team at Asa Smith Funeral Service, we offer the customized solutions you need. Each family receives our undivided attention and dedicated support. Not only do we provide a range of solutions to match your preferences, but we also take the time to listen to your requests.


We’ve found that family education is the ideal way to design quality funeral services. We provide information about different options, then allow you the time you need to make your decision. If you would like to learn more, then reach out to us to schedule a consultation.


Available Services for Funeral Home and Cremations in Choctaw, OK


What are your options when choosing a funeral or cremation package? Here at Asa Smith Funeral Service, we provide everything you need in one convenient location. These are some of the standard services families choose:


  • Funeral Service: Coordinating a funeral service is a perfect way to allow family and friends to say their goodbyes and share the experience together. A funeral service is often held in a church or funeral home, with a program to highlight the person’s life. For example, you might have speakers, music, and other presentations to show pictures and videos. Often, funeral services take place before the loved one is buried in a cemetery.
  • Cremation Service: Another possibility is to schedule cremation. Some families don’t feel like cemetery burial is a good fit, so they choose cremation instead. This service is a fraction of the cost compared to traditional burial. Plus, you have the flexibility to select the ideal resting place since you aren’t limited to a cemetery.
  • Celebration of Life: If a traditional funeral isn’t your style, consider planning a celebration of life instead. This event has an upbeat feel, with activities and music that celebrate the many things the person accomplished in their lifetime. The goal is to enjoy the experience without creating a heavy, mournful event.


These services are just a general overview of what you can choose when designing a plan for your loved one. You have the flexibility to choose many other details that make it a truly personalized event. Our team at Asa Smith Funeral Service is here to answer your questions and help you learn more about the options so you can design the ideal gathering for friends and family.


Two Categories for Funeral Planning


If you feel overwhelmed about funeral planning, it can help to break things down into simpler steps. You don’t have to make all the decisions at one time. Instead, take it piece by piece until you finalize the right plan.


We help families with these decisions by coordinating funeral home and cremations in Choctaw, OK, in two phases: how you want to honor your loved one and the way you prefer to care for their physical remains.


  • Honoring a Loved One: When designing the service, you can choose a traditional, formal, unique, or offbeat style for the event. This gathering is a time when family and friends meet together to offer each other support in their healing. You decide the setting and location, such as an outdoor area or chapel, and we work hard to incorporate your personalized and specific requests.
  • Caring for the Physical Remains: In addition to the gathering of friends and family, you also need to decide how to care for your loved one’s remains. This might be an emotional or difficult choice for your family. First, choose between burial and cremation. Then, we will help with the decisions relating to the specific service that you prefer. For example, burial can happen in a mausoleum or the ground. Or cremation allows you to choose scattering, entombment, or burial.


When you choose Asa Smith Funeral Service, have confidence knowing that our staff is experienced in accommodating the traditions and requests for people from all lifestyles, faiths, beliefs, and relationships.


Full Support in Your Time of Need


No matter your preferences for funeral services, we are here to provide the support you need during this difficult time. Our team offers unwavering care for your loved one, as well as ongoing support for surviving family members.


We can assist with immediate funeral planning. Or, you are always invited to reach out to us for preplanning. It’s never too early to get started with your funeral planning.


For details about funeral home and cremations in Choctaw, OK, please schedule a consultation with us at Asa Smith Funeral Service. We have a beautiful funeral home that you can visit at 2039 Tim Holt Dr, Harrah, OK 73045. Call us at (405) 454-2201


Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs


Who is responsible for maintaining cemetery plots?

The individual who buys the property is responsible for its upkeep. They are obliged to ensure that their gravesites do not infringe on any other resident's land or violate city ordinance, but they may obtain free assistance with these concerns by contacting one of our staff members. Learn more about permanent memorialization.


What is ground burial?

A ground burial is a type of final resting place that some people choose as their desired mode. In this process, the body's remains are interred on land instead off in an above-ground casket where it can easily be viewed by loved ones and visitors alike who might need closure from viewing such things or just want to say goodbye properly before leaving earth behind for good. Learn more about peaceful resting places.


Are veterans buried for free?

All veterans without disreputable charges are eligible to a free burial in the national VA cemetery. The qualifying conditions are often the same as those for government cemeteries. In most circumstances, wives are entitled to free or low-cost burial next to the soldier. Learn more about veteran’s funeral.


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