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Harrah, OK Funeral Home And CremationsYou can rely on Asa Smith Funeral Service to help you through the process of commemorating a loved one's life after they have passed away. Since 1936, we have been offering quality funeral and cremation services in Harrah, OK and the surrounding areas. We're committed to offering individualized, professional, and compassionate services to alleviate your stress and provide support through challenging times.


With historic architecture and excellent interior decor, our funeral home provides a pleasant, friendly, family-oriented environment. Our facilities can accommodate large and small funerals and memorials, both public and private. Call us today at (405) 454-2201 for consultation.




When you are getting started with funeral home and cremations in Harrah, OK, choosing a quality funeral provider is the most critical consideration. Working with a reputable team has an undeniable impact on the overall results of the event.


At Asa Smith Funeral Service, we are proud to be a top provider for funeral and cremation services in the area. Our caring staff understands the challenges you are facing. We always take the time to provide support for family members while offering information and education about the different types of services you can choose.


Not only do we listen to your requests, but we are diligent about following through with the details that create an ideal service for your loved one. We never make you feel rushed or pressured into the decisions you are making. Instead, we offer education and personalization for every family.


Three Options: Funeral Services and Cremation in Harrah, OK


As you are learning about available funeral packages, you’ll find that everything fits into one of these options:


  • Funeral Service: Many families prefer traditional funeral services. Following the same practices that have been carried through the generations can be familiar and comfortable. You can choose a unique way to design funeral services, including options for a viewing or visitation, chapel meeting and presentation, procession to the cemetery, and/or graveside service.
  • Cremation Service: Another possibility is to schedule cremation if you are looking for an alternative to traditional burial. Cremation is available as a standalone service if you don’t want to hold an event. Or, you can pair cremation with a memorial, funeral, or celebration of life if you prefer.
  • Celebration of Life: This style of event is different from a traditional funeral because the activities focus on honoring and celebrating a life well-lived. It is an upbeat and joyful gathering where friends and family members can share memories and enjoy spending time together.


When you are working with our team at Asa Smith Funeral Service, we take the time to explain your options and provide information for the family. As you learn about the various types of services, then you are more prepared to select the funeral or cremation plan that matches your family traditions and preferences.


If you have questions about any of these services, we encourage you to call us at Asa Smith Funeral Service. We’ll answer your questions and help you compare the options for an immediate funeral or future services.


Breaking it Down: Two Categories for Funeral Planning


As you are looking at different funeral packages, do you feel overwhelmed by the many options and decisions you face? Of course, it’s nice to have the flexibility for funeral planning. But too many choices can make it hard to finalize the ideal funeral or cremation plan.


At Asa Smith Funeral Service, we have a proven way to assist families with funeral home and cremations in Harrah, OK. When you are working with our team, we take things one step at a time and help you by talking about one category at a time:


  • Event or Funeral Service: The first thing to consider is the way you want to honor your loved one. People find it healing to attend an event with loved ones. This funeral, memorial, or celebration of life is an essential step to getting closure in their grief. If you want to hold an event, then talk to us about the location, style, and activities that will be included in this gathering.
  • Physical Remains: The next step is to decide on the process for laying your loved one to rest. Is there are specific location or method you would like to use for the physical remains? Choose between cremation or traditional burial. We’ll help with all of the related decisions, such as picking a casket or selecting a cemetery for burial. If cremation is the service of choice, then you might consider a memorial urn or ash scattering.


Rest assured that our team at Asa Smith Funeral Service honors the unique preferences of each family. Therefore, we never pressure you into services or events that don’t fit your needs. Instead, our goal is to offer a listening ear and quality information so you can be empowered to make the decisions that best suit your family.


Timeline for Funeral Planning


Often, families come to us at the end: a funeral will be happening soon, and they need support in coordinating the care for their loved ones. At Asa Smith Funeral Service, we can help with last-minute planning and have quality systems in place to reduce your stress during this time.


Additionally, our staff is happy to assist with preplanning. Therefore, you can start early to minimize the decisions you will be facing in the future. Learn more about funeral and cremation in Harrah, OK, by visiting Asa Smith Funeral Service at 2039 Tim Holt Dr, Harrah, OK 73045. Call ahead to schedule a consultation: (405) 454-2201.


Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs


How long does it take to plan a funeral?

Funeral planning can take a few weeks or months. It depends on the desired outcome and whether you would like someone else to do it for your funeral service, but most people find that after they have planned everything out with their family members then suddenly time just flies by.


What is a personalized funeral?

A personalized funeral is a way to make sure your loved ones are remembered for years after you've passed on. It could help with the grieving process, and it will show how much they cared about what matters most in life by ensuring no stone goes unturned during this difficult time.


What is included in a funeral service?

Funeral services are often held in the funeral home, a church, or at the graveyard. Music, the reading of literary or religious excerpts, a eulogy, prayer, and hymn singing may all be included.


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